SIKO Ltd started as a sole proprietorship and has served Swedish farmers with the farm mechanization and equipment for all types of animals since 1968. The firm became a limited company 1973.

Our company is located in the beautiful Österlen - Simrishamns Commune - in the very south of Sweden.

SIKO Ltd has a total company surface of 27.000 square meters, including:

  • Production and workshop area 2.500 square meters
  • Stock & distribution layer area 1.500 square meters.
  • Offices & Sales 500 square meters.

Our production includes standard and customized versions of housing equipment and manure handling for farm animals. No object is too big or too small for us.
We also have sales of steel pipes and profiles that we deliver in the entire length or cut / processed as desired. We have also additional hardware inventory and maintenance products and building materials, etc. for farmers, artisans, industry, home & household.

We cut and bends your building sheet as cam plates, roofing, gutters, etc. Of course, you get the color you desire. With us you can also buy water drainage system ie. guttering, hooks and accessories.

Is there something you need to be designed, constructed or repaired? Contact us by phone or e-mail. You can also send us a request by post.